Labor of Love

So Josh informed me that his wife was induced into labor. Probably much like she was induced into getting pregnant in the first place. So with that said we must skip the show this week and wait for the proverbial “cork” to pop. Until then I shall try to keep you all updated as details become available to me. Also here is my guess as to what Josh’s baby girl will look like…I love technology…



Under the Weather

Hi Everybody!

I just wanted to write a quick update as to why there has been no new episode yet. Well, Josh is sick and since I am fairly certain you guys don’t want an entire episode of me just laughing I figured we would wait for him to get better, Don’t worry though, the debauchery will continue soon, so stick around. Until then here is something that I found in my local penny pincher paper…


it should have been done here

Spring Break!

Hey you sons o’ bitches!

As you may have noticed, we haven’t put something new out for a few weeks. Just letting you know, we’re still here! We’re taking a spring break as some of us have vacations and such things going on. You can still feel free to contact us and check out our social pages to keep up to date. We check those everyday! We’ll let you know when we’re recording the next episode!

Peace Mofos!

Fundraiser Event!

Hello everyone! On Friday, the 24th at 10pm EST, We are holding a live fundraiser for Voice Acting Radio & Uncivilized Behavior! We’re having contests, trivia, giveaways, skits, live shows, music and more! Come this Friday even if you can’t contribute! It would also be a HUGE help if you could tell all your friends to come along. The bigger the audience, the more fun and the more it helps out the shows! 100% of the proceeds will go to making the shows better! To show up to the event, go to this link:

See you all there, my MoFo’s. AFUERA!

^^^ What Jerry does.

Guess What You Bastards!?

“Every man can and will be responsible for their individual habits of spontaneous humping” – Mr. Jerry Jones; Doctor of Habitual Humping

So, we are going to be getting this damn thing up and running very soon, hopefully having some cool pictures and crap. Unfortunately, I am the whipping boy for the art aspect, so any stuff you wanna see, shoot us a message, ya pricks.

Also, I was masturbating while sexually asphyxiating myself with a hair dryer power cord watching the best video to get off too. It depicted several Care Bears forcibly raping a tied down homeless man who they tricked into believing they were going to lead him to a better life, but ended up getting hog tied and dragged into a violent Care Bear rape orgy. It was a pretty good one.

Anyway, Love you 😀


Is Your Grandma a Hooker?

If not, you probably shouldn’t let her listen to this. Otherwise, enjoy the chaotic hot mess that is Uncivilized Behavior! Stay tuned for our first episode!