#3: Masturbation is Genocide

This week we talk about fast food bullshit, customer service stories, vegetarians against masturbation,  people watching, and old people hitting on us. As always there is also Would You Rather, What the Fuck, and we insult people who like to one up others!

Our random unorganized notes for anyone who cares:

Intro- (to your mother)
-Your Week
-Fast Food Bull Shit
-Bank Issue
-Morbid Pranks
-Tough Mudder
-Customer Service Stories
-The crack Pipe
-Word of the day: blastula An early embryonic form produced by cleavage of a fertilized ovum and consisting of a spherical layer of cells surrounding a fluid-filled cavity

-Riff Raff
-Male Vegetarians/PETA/Sperm (in your mother)
-People Watching (Especially night time in Walmart)

-Would You Rather?
– Would you rather eat an entire pot of boiled anal fissures
Eat an entire bag of chips that is guarenteed to have scabs int it that look identical to the chips in question
– Would you rather stick your dick into nooks and crannies of a moray eel infested reef
Choose to drink from 1 of 3 buckets filled with bloody urine, 1 of which is infected with AIDS
– Would you rather camp under the worlds loosest, skankiest vagina lips
Walk into a pitch dark room and be beaten with various penises for an hour
– Would you rather be raped by (choose your host)

-Would you rather be dragged along the highway naked
get a full body shaving with a rusty blade by an epileptic monkey
-Riff Raff 2 (The Reckoning)
-People who think they’re funny (especially older people)
-Lady Problems
-Old people hitting on you
-Something else (ssshhhhhhh, its more Riff Raff)
-Stuff we eat that shouldn’t be considered food
-People on blue tooths


-Insult of the Week
This goes out to the people who like to one up everyone.You know who you are you worthless fictitious shit spewing fuck sticks… when I say i went to the renaissance fair, you tell me you have a full suit of armor at home with a sword encrusted with the finest of diamonds and rubies. Reality, you bought it from some two-bit online shop while fapping to a donkey go down on some girl with no future. Your the person that tells me they have ninja training lessons from master shitzu himself, but trips over his worthless feet getting out of his house and the cardiovascular system of a tranquilized bear. All we were talking about was how we’d all like to kick you in the balls. You’re the person who tells me you have been training in the art of iron skin right before I punch you in the throat!

Well guess what you despot of bullshit, you aren’t better than the people strong enough to swallow the crap you spew out of your mouth. While your verbal diarrhea is oozing from the corner of your mouth, I’m getting my dick sucked! While you think your chronic lies are making you sound cool, it’s really only making you sound like a a dying fish gasping for air, repelling the only hope at any real human connection you have. Back to your Fap chamber and smells, weakling.

So staple your ass cheeks for lips shut for once, because I only have the patience to say this once… FUCK YOU!


-Jerry Plugs: mrbipolar.newgrounds.com/ @mrbipolarjerry
-Thoren plugs:sirkillington.newgrounds.com/
-Josh plugs: goldenpipesentertainment.wordpress.com / @JaShinYa
-Tell your peeps


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