Guess What You Bastards!?

“Every man can and will be responsible for their individual habits of spontaneous humping” – Mr. Jerry Jones; Doctor of Habitual Humping

So, we are going to be getting this damn thing up and running very soon, hopefully having some cool pictures and crap. Unfortunately, I am the whipping boy for the art aspect, so any stuff you wanna see, shoot us a message, ya pricks.

Also, I was masturbating while sexually asphyxiating myself with a hair dryer power cord watching the best video to get off too. It depicted several Care Bears forcibly raping a tied down homeless man who they tricked into believing they were going to lead him to a better life, but ended up getting hog tied and dragged into a violent Care Bear rape orgy. It was a pretty good one.

Anyway, Love you 😀


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